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Some basic questions and answers about multi-indicator systems, for the beginner and interested laymen. The interviewer Peter Koppatz asked Rainer Brüggemann.

Interview startpage

Using the packages

There are three ways the program package can be used for your own calculations. The online demo is available. The Virtual Box is an experiment, we are searching for a better solution. Publishing all Modules on the Python Package Index(PyPI) is our next target, when all modules are finished.

01. Online demo

For all modules an online demo account is available. The only limitation is the size of the data sets used, which is limited to 100x100 rows and columns, for all matrices. Also the database holding the sets will be reprlaced regularly. NOTE: all uploaded date are public visible by all visitors! Doku and demos are available at menue calculations.

02. Virtual Machine

A virtual machine (VirtualBox) is available with modules preinstalled.

Subsequents step:

  • unzip the zip file
  • import the file pyhasse.ova
  • start the virtual machine
  • start your browser and point to http://localhost:1111

More about the installation is written in the blog...

03. PyPi-Index (planned)

If you you want to install it immediately, contact us at

If you are an administator or an experienced Python user!

Search mis-dev at and follow the instructions in the README.txt.

# Install python > 3.3 (2.x is not supported!)
# create a new virtual environment
cd <your virtual environment folder>
source ./bin/activate (on Windows activate.bat)
# e.g.:
pip install mis-pyhasse-acm
python -m mis.pyhasse.acm.server

Open the startpage at URL:


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