Refactoring first results

First Step to the top of the hill

The refactoring of the following modules is completed:

  1. pyhasse.core
  2. pyhasse.acm
  3. pyhasse.chain

All possible actions with this modules are listed under the menue »PyHasse Modules«.

Soon all modules will be available again.

Thanks for your patience.

German Society for Informatics in the environment (GI)

GI - German Society for Informatics in the environment

Date: 2019/05/08 - 2019/05/10

Where: Kassel

The »PyHasse« team will present a new approach to perform calculations within the field of partial order. Beyond the already known lines of software development it will be shown, how to use Jupyter Notebooks. Interested users can find instructions and download example files at: Any discussion, feedback, or suggestions for improvements of this new approach are welcomed.