Copeland modul

(January 2015)

A new module within PyHasse-inet is established: Copeland. Have a look at the documentation and/or calculation.


For references we refer to

  1. Al-Sharrah, G. 2014. Ranking Hazarduous Chemicals with a Heuristic Approach to Reduce Isolated Objects in Hasse Diagrams. Pages 217-235 in R. Bruggemann, L. Carlsen, and J. Wittmann, eds. Multi-indicator Systems and Modelling in Partial Order. Springer, New York.

  2. Al-Sharrah, G. 2010. Ranking Using the Copeland Score: A Comparsion with the Hasse Diagram. J.Chem.Inf.Model. 50:785-791.

PyHasse in Florence, 2015

PyHasse is on the road to the cloud and web 2.0 ;-), so our experiences and new findings should be published. Beside this website, conferences are an additional option to tell the world news about the PyHasse project. The next one will be held in Italy. The data are:

11th Partial order workshop in Florence

International workshop on partial orders in applied sciences

Local organisator: Dr. Marco Fattore

09. - 10. April