German Society for Informatics in the environment (GI)

(April 2017)


Conference: »German Society for Informatics in the environment (GI)«

Date: 2017/04/26 - 2017/04/28

Where: Berlin, HTW

The »PyHasse« team will present various contributions at this conference. We will also introduce the new online version of »PyHasse«. Diskussions, feedback, suggestions for improvement from all users of the software are welcomed. The complete program can be downloaded with the link below. The following video shows a snapshot of the new 3D-Viewer:

Download Programm Workshop 2017

PyHasse as »VirtualBox«

(September 2015)


The »PyHasse« toolbox can be installed on your computer using »VirtualBox«. In contrast to the online version there are no restrictions.

Some notes on installation and use are given.

  • Software and information about »VirtualBox« are available at
  • Second step: download the file »pyhasse.ova (100 MB)«
  • Unzip and import the file (menu: File > Appliance import ...)
  • Check the configuration:
    • Memory of the virtual maschine: memory
    • Support of USB-Ports, not needed: Start VBox
  • Now start the »Virtual Box«... Start VBox
  • Minmize the window of the VirtualBox (see also the first image of this blog entry) and open the following URL in your browser:


    Have fun...

    your PyHasse-Team