Normaly it isn't nessesarry to install pyhasse.core, as a basic module and as a depency it will automaticaly installed with all other pyhasse modules. But if your are interested you may install it standalone.

Importing data is the first step. The module pyhasse.core supports this first step. If the import was successful, some basic calculations are available.

Display parts of the dataset after import:

  • Attributes

  • Objects

  • Data


  • Zeta matrix

  • Cover matrix

  • Levels

  • Equivalence classes

  • Distances

All possible calculations are explaint and demonstrted at: pyhasse.core: Notebook

see also: List of Notebooks:


Switch to your virtual environment...

pip install pyhasse.core

Install notebook

pip install notebook

Start notebook server

jupyter notebook

Work within a browser

Create, open (see example files) and edit Jupyter notebooks ...